2 Oven AGA Cooker

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The 2 oven AGA has a large roasting oven and equally sized lower simmering oven. This model is ideal for day to day family meals as well as occasional entertaining for large numbers. The boiling and simmering plates provide ample cooking space capable of accommodating up to 6 pans between them.

An Integrated or Freestanding AGA Module is available to further extend the 2 oven AGA which features an additional 2 electric ovens (including an integral grill) and a choice of 4 gas or ceramic hobs. The module is available to run independently from the rest of the cooker so it is only on when you need it. This is an ideal option for those who prefer the lower running cost of a 2 oven AGA (compared to a 4 oven AGA) but still prefer the flexibility of 4 ovens to cook with. The module also provides the perfect summer solution, having the AGA off and using the module for cooking your meals.

Fuel Options

  • Gas – natural gas only (LPG discontinued on these models )
  • Oil (kerosene)
  • 13amp electric

Further Options

  • Enamelled lids (chrome lids are fitted as standard)
  • Choice of colour
  • Choice of AGA badge


AGA 2 oven dimensions

Fuel Consumption

AGA Type

Fuel Type

Weekly Consumption

2 Oven

Kerosene Oil

40 litres

Natural Gas


Liquid Propane Gas (Discontinued 1/1/2017)

60 litres

13amp Electric


For an accurate indication on running costs, please refer to your own energy rates.