4 Oven AGA Cooker

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The 4 oven AGA offers all the cooking capacity of the 2 and 3 oven AGA featuring a roasting, baking & simmering oven and an additional warming oven. The warming oven is ideal for keeping food warm once cooked, warming plates & dishes, resting meats, making meringues and proving bread. On the hob of the 4 oven AGA, are the standard boiling & simmering plates and an additional warming plate, ideal for keeping soups and sauces warm, resting kettles, pots & pans on and even drying & ironing laundry. The 4 oven AGA provides all the cooking facilities that even the most avid cook may require!

The 4 oven AGA is fitted with a warming plate as standard however you can opt for a 2-ring gas or ceramic hob in its place. This offers even more cooking flexibility with your AGA, offering more hob space to use should you need it. An Integrated or Freestanding module can also be supplied to accompany the 4 oven AGA cooker. 

Fuel Options

  • Gas – natural only (LPG discontinued 1/1/17 except on modules and DC models )
  • Oil (kerosene)
  • 13amp electric

Further Options

  • Additional 2-ring gas or ceramic hob insert to replace warming plate – Read more >
  • Enamelled lids (chrome lids are fitted as standard)
  • Choice of colour


4 oven dimensions

Fuel Consumption

AGA Type

Fuel Type

Weekly Consumption

4 Oven

Kerosene Oil

51 litres

Natural Gas


Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) - Discontinued 1/1/17


13amp Electric


For an accurate indication on running costs, please refer to your own energy rates.