AGA 3-Series 100

The AGA 3 Series offers the 21st Century AGA with cast-iron, radiant heat cooking with quick heat-up times. This all-electric cooker has no flue or venting requirements, meaning it can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen.

As standard, the AGA 3 Series features a cast-iron roasting/baking oven (top-left cavity), a cast-iron simmering oven (bottom-left cavity) and a warming oven (bottom-right cavity). The ovens can be turned on individually, so you only need to heat up the ovens that you need. A fourth cavity (top-right) can be added to provide a space to store your AGA cookware.

When the ovens are up to temperature the AGA acts as a heat source for your kitchen and each oven takes only 45-60 minutes to get to temperature. This means the AGA 3 Series can be the heart of the home which AGAs are best known for, but can also be controlled during warmer periods and for running cost savings.

On the hob, the AGA 3 Series has a large cast-iron hotplate covered by the iconic AGA lid, capable of accommodating 3-4 pans. The hotplate can be set to either simmering or boiling temperature, with a heat up time of 8 or 12 minutes respectively. A cast-iron surround on the hotplate can be used to move pans from boiling to simmering, or from simmering to keep warm until ready to serve.

To the right of the hotplate, a warming plate is fitted as standard, but you can choose to fit a 2-ring induction hob in its place. This induction hob has 2 zones to fit 2 large pans, but can also be bridged to form one large zone which can be used for an induction suitable griddle or fish kettle. The induction hob also has a range of automatic functions for safety and convenience, including pot detection, water boil detection, automatic frying heat up, time functions and boil dry detection.


  • The AGA 3 Series is an all-electric cooker.
  • A 32amp supply is required for installation.
  • An additional 13amp supply is required if fitted with the induction hob option.
  • Since there is no external vent or flue, it is recommended that an extractor hood is fitted above the cooker.

Further Options

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AGA 3 Series - 3 Door
List Price from: £7,865
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List Price from: £8,115

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