AGA ER7 (New Model Total Control)

AGA Total Control

The New AGA ER7 (Formerly the Aga Total Control ) cooker is designed to be on when you need it and off when you don’t. Using the AGA’s control panel, each hotplate and oven can be turned on manually. Alternatively, you can programme the cast iron ovens to turn on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days a week. (Control of the ovens applies to the roasting, baking & simmering ovens only).

You can still run the AGA to supply radiant heat to your kitchen & home and enjoy the ambient AGA warmth in the winter months whilst only using it when you need to in the summer months, offering you the best of both worlds.

The new ER7 has new Altrashell protective oven coating to seal the cast iron; new removable door liners for easy cleaning, and new Aga branding on the inside of the doors and the ends of the handrail

The flexibility of the AGA ER7 means that you can achieve significantly lower running costs, as little as 20% of the cost of running a heat-storage AGA cooker. Usage, of course, depends on how much you choose to run the AGA and what you are running at those times. The ER7 features a slumber mode, keeping the cast iron ovens at a low level of heat, shortening the heat up time for when you do want to cook. 

As well as the flexibility in control, the ER7 also offers flexibility with regards to the installation location. With the choice of either external or in-room venting, the AGA ER7 can be installed anywhere in the kitchen! (Note: additional ovens for the 5-oven model always vent into the room).

The ER7 is available with either 3 or 5 ovens. Both offer roasting, baking & simmering ovens, boiling & simmering plates. The 5 oven ER7 offers an additional slow cooking oven, warming oven and a warming plate on the hob. The additional features from the 5 oven ER7 are controlled as one and are operated manually.

How it works... The new model ER7 (Formerly the Total Control) now allows you to have 4 temperature settings in the Baking Oven & 4 settings in the Roasting Oven

Example: Baking Temperatures: B1 -140C, B2 -150C, B3-160C, B4-180C.   Roasting Oven Temperatures: R6 -200C, R7 -220C, R8 - 230C, R9 -240C.

Slumber/Simmering is steady at 110 to 120C

Power Requirements

The ER7 is an all-electric cooker. A 32amp supply is required for installation and an additional 13 Amp 3-pin plug is required for the 5 oven model.

Further Option

  • Enamelled lids (chrome lids are fitted as standard)
  • Choice of colour
  • Induction Hob insert (in place of warming plate on 5 oven models)



                                                                                              3 Oven ER7  List Price from: £12,995

   AGA TC5

                                                                                                5 Oven ER7  List Price from: £14,850





Touch Screen  
 ER7 Control Panel  


Total control Dimensions

Energy Consumption

With AGA ER7 the energy needed to cook can be reduced to under a fifth of that for the classic AGA heat-storage cooker; usage depends of course on how much of the time you choose to have it on or have it in slumber mode (from which the AGA has shortened heat-up times).

The amount of energy used in the summer compared to the winter may vary significantly due to use of the slumber mode and perhaps the type of food cooked in the winter compared to the summer months.

To enable some comparisons on running costs we have provided the following 'typical' energy consumption based on a weekly standard menu (see table below for details).

AGA ER7 cooker energy consumption when preparing and cooking a weekly menu:

  Typical weekly energy used
1. Cooker normally OFF and only switched on to cook 35kWh
2. Cooker normally in SLUMBER and turned up to cook 75kWh
  Typical 24hr energy used
3. Cooker on SLUMBER and turned up to cook 8kWh


AGA Model 3-oven ER7 5-oven ER7

Busy Family*

(12hrs/wk combined ovens & hotplates use) 

Busy Family*

(12hrs/wk combined ovens & hotplates use)

 Fuel cost per unit /p **  11.5p  11.5p
 Weekly energy consumption  35 kWh  39 kWh
 Fuel cost per week  £4.03  £4.49

*based on 3rd party testing (Gastec at CRE) of the 3-oven AGA ER7 under a set one week menu as below.  **source Scottish Power

A kitchen with an AGA ER7 cooker benefits from gentle residual heat when the cooker is turned off, as cast iron retains energy and only cools down over several hours to ambient temperatures.

All of the work has been undertaken by the AGA product team, all data has been fully verified by an independent third party.

Day Meal Food Cooked Zones used on normal setting 
Monday Dinner Left over meat
Jacket potatoes and vegetables
Boiling Plate
Roasting Oven
Tuesday Dinner Chicken Enchiladas Boiling Plate
Baking Oven
Wednesday Dinner Pizza and oven chips

Roasting Oven 

Thursday Dinner Pasta with chicken sauce Boiling Plate
Simmering Plate
Baking Oven
Friday Dinner Shepherds Pie and vegetables  Boiling Plate
Baking Oven




Cooked breakfast plus kettle

Soup plus kettle

Curry, rice and Naan bread

Boiling Plate

Boiling Plate and Simmering Plate

Boiling Plate and Simmering Oven





Crossaints plus kettle

Roast Dinner

Cheese on toast plus kettle

Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven

Boiling Plate, Simmering Plate and Roasting Oven

Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven

PLEASE NOTE: Actual energy consumptions will vary greatly dependent on demand, weight of food cooked and even how 'well done' the food is required to be. The boiling of kettles on the hotspots will also affect total energy used, but the weekly menu covers limited boiling of a kettle.