How do I cook pastry?

There's no need to bake blind in an AGA; just put the raw pastry into a dish, add the filling and put onto the floor of the roasting oven to bake.


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How do I bake a cake in a 2 oven AGA?

You will need: Large, deep roasting tin; Cold plain shelf; your cake tin.


Each AGA should have at least one large roasting tin. New AGAs are all supplied with a large size and a half size roasting tin. These tins were specifically designed to go with your AGA and hang on the runners.

Put your cake tins(s) into the large roasting tin and hang that from the lowest runners in the roasting oven, then slide the cold plain shelf onto the 2nd set of runners above.

The deep sides of the roasting tin shield your cake from the fierce heat of the cast iron sides and back of the roasting oven. This creates an ideal, moderate baking temperature. The cold plain shelf protects from the heat of the roof of the oven above.

This lasts for about half an hour, after which you move the big tin, and its contents, to the simmering oven along with the now extremely hot cold plain shelf which you can place on the lowest set of runners with the roasting tin sitting atop it. Moving the tin raises the temperature in the simmering oven and prevents thermal shock from sinking your cake as you move it. The cake then continues to cook gently in the simmering oven. You can get two 8” sandwich tins in the roasting tin.

Do not leave cold plain shelves in the simmering oven to ‘store’ them. The whole point of a Cold plain shelf is that it’s cold when you need it to be!

Tip: it is a good idea to have 2 cold plain shelves. If your cooking time for cake is 40 minutes for example you can avoid having to change ovens by swapping cold plain shelves after 20 minutes of cooking time…you could also be cooking a batch of cookies on it whilst it is cooling the oven below!

How do I cook rice in my AGA?

You will need: A good pan or casserole pot with a well-fitting lid.


Basmati Rice: Use one cup or mug of rice and one and a half of the same measurement (cup or mug) of water. Put both into a casserole or pan and bring to the boil on the boiling plate, cover and put into the simmering oven

The rice will be cooked when it has absorbed all the liquid, which happens to take the same length of time that it says on the packet it came in! But also it will still be cooked an hour later…so don’t panic and do take advantage of being able to prepare ahead of dinner parties etc.

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How do I grill on an AGA?

You will need: a roasting tin; a grill rack; Bake-O-Glide sheet

Place the rack into the roasting tin big feet downwards so that the top of the rack is level with the top edge of the tin. Put your sausages onto the rack and tomatoes and mushrooms below. Slide the tin onto the top set of runners in the roasting oven. The oven roof is nearly as hot as the boiling plate and it is your grill.

After about 20 minutes remove tin from oven, turn your sausages and add you bacon. Slide back onto the top set of runners and check after 10 minutes to see how it is all doing.

This will be a much nicer tasting breakfast than if done on a conventional grill!

Top tip: Always use bake–o–glide… you will understand why when it comes to washing up the pans!