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Memory of our childhood with an Aga.

by Elley Westbrook….     When I was younger we always had either an Aga or a Rayburn as the background to our family life which was centred around our kitchen. Both my parents worked in our reclamation business, and we would often come home and find nothing to sit on because Dad would have sold it…ditto the Aga. He … Continue reading

My Love Affair with an Aga.

                                      by Cheryll Bretherton My love affair with an Aga began- I don’t know when- probably about the same time that I knew that Chanel No 5 would suit me (too long ago to mention the year!) I saw a picture of one in the 70’s and decided that I would own one one-day. Little did I know that I … Continue reading

Aga Love

HOW TO USE YOUR AGA – Explained by ‘Aga Lady’ Sarah Whitaker

Aga Twyford are pleased to provide this video to assist Aga users everywhere. Good to watch for non-aga users too but beware as you may then want one!  

How to use your Aga