Memory of our childhood with an Aga.

by Elley Westbrook….  


When I was younger we always had either an Aga or a Rayburn as the background to our family life which was centred around our kitchen. Both my parents worked in our reclamation business, and we would often come home and find nothing to sit on because Dad would have sold it…ditto the Aga. He only sold the cooker once…the wrath of my mother ensured there was no repeat performance.

There are many family stories that I could tell but the one that makes me smile most is the time I came home from school late and had missed my tea. Shouting up the stairs to my mother…”Mum is there any tea for me?”

“Yes”, came the irritated reply, “it’s in the simmering oven.” Off I went to look for my casserole, knowing full well that my brother would have picked out most of the meat and left me the veg, only to discover that my obviously distracted mother had put her shoes and handbag in the simmering oven! I discovered the casserole with the lid knocked off, empty and licked clean next to our spaniel in the boot room.

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