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Five a day anyone?

I love cakes, pastry and all things calorific, stuffed full of fat and sugar. I also love fresh fruit and veg. I have no problem with fulfilling my five a day quota, or for that matter would I struggle with 10 a day! Japan recommends 17 portions of fruit and veg as a minimum requirement. They are reportedly the healthiest nation on earth with the longest living inhabitants. So why are we all in such a tizz about changing the recommended daily dose of fruit and veg loveliness?

As a nation we don’t like change, or bossy directives from the government. Surely if we harked back to the days of rationing and growing our own we would discover that we were much healthier, there were less cases of obesity, cancer (well maybe not given the amount everybody smoked) and a much more realistic and healthy attitude towards food, with everyone cooking from scratch and the death knell to our waistlines ‘convenience food’ had not been thought of. Convenience food was a slow cooking broth, stew, pudding. Loving cakes doesn’t just stop there, I love fresh tasting, flavoursome food…not just obese making pastries. Are we just a little obsessed with labels, accusations and statistics? I’m listening to a debate on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine as I write this… we do seem to panic don’t we?

Eat fruit and veg… it’s lovely! Cook from scratch … it’s easy and its fun. Get the kids involved, get them researching recipes on the internet, ask them to work out a balanced diet for the day but include treats, who wants to live a life of ‘NO’? My 8 year old loves doing this. She does miss out on chicken nuggets she says, all her friends have them and I am a mean Mummy because I won’t buy that slurry (the term borrowed from me!) Actually I am making her some Chicken Nuggets tonight and I shall serve it with a potato, sliced through like an egg slicer, sprayed with olive oil, sprinkle of salt and pepper and roasted in a hot oven and a salad. Recipe below. She is going to love me!

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A recipe for Chicken Nuggets


1 Chicken breast, sliced into strips 2 cm wide (ish)

1 egg (beaten), 1 oz plain flour, 2 slices of granary bread.

Place the bread into the roasting oven on a tray for 10 mins to toast ready for blitzing in the blender to make toasted bread crumbs.

Slice the chicken and coat in the flour. Then dunk in the beaten egg, finally liberally coat in the bread crumbs. I heated a ceramic coated frying pan on the hotplate and placed the ‘chicken nuggets’ in when hot. Cooking one side and then the other until the chicken was cooked through and the breadcrumbs were golden.

I had enough of the flour, egg and bread crumbs left over to make more nuggets but I chose to add some turmeric, sea salt and cracked black pepper to the bread crumbs and flour and coat three whole chicken breasts in the same manner as above. My daughter can have nuggets but we are having grown up breaded chicken breasts!

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