An AGA from South Africa

As well as supplying fully renovated AGA cookers, we also undertake renovations of customer’s existing AGA cookers. Below is the story of one of our more unusual renovations in which a 1940’s ‘Standard’ Solid Fuel AGA was shipped from Cape Town, South Africa to our factory in Herefordshire. The cooker was to be fully renovated to include re-enamelling in Claret and converted to the 13amp electric system before being packed & crated for shipment back to South Africa.

Our customer, Mr Dowle, purchased the AGA in South Africa, dismantled and removed it himself. All components were carefully packed and stored including the insulation material, diatomaceous earth (AKA kieselgur) which is a powder of sedimentary rock, about the consistency of talcum powder, which was used to insulate solid fuel AGAs in 1940’s & 50’s. As part of the renovation of all AGAs, we replace the insulation with vermiculite, as is used on brand new AGA cookers and the kieselgur was dug into Mr Dowle’s garden instead!

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Before the dismantled AGA embarked on the long journey to the UK, we requested photographs of all the internal parts to check that none were damaged during the removal or by normal wear and tear of this 70 year old cooker. Not only was this to ensure that there would be no complications with the renovation but also to prevent any unnecessary weight in sending damaged & unrequired parts which would need to be replaced anyway. Fortunately, all parts were in good condition and the cooker made the journey to our factory at the end of September 2012.

The cooker arrived safe & sound at our factory at the beginning of November 2012 and was fully renovated with great care and attention before being re-packed for the return journey at the beginning of January 2013.

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Possibly one of the most travelled AGAs ever was finally installed in Mr Dowle’s home in April 2013 and he has reported that his family is feeling the benefit now that the cold and wet weather has arrived in South Africa.  It is reported that “Sunday morning Croissants never tasted so good; in a cold and wet Cape Town winter!”

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