Sloe Gin – a great homemade Christmas gift

Suddenly Christmas has taken hold! Twyford Cookers showroom is buzzing with customers looking to purchase a cooker for the holidays and certainly one which will take a 28lb Turkey! You can always rely on an AGA Cooker to accommodate such a massive beast, and you can be assured that your roast potatoes will be exceptional!

With jingle bells beginning to resonate in my ears, I have decided to make some sloe gin. Sloes are charming little black looking berries and hang from the Blackthorn Bush. Traditionally, we are supposed to prick the berry with a thorn from the same tree. I use a needle, and stab them with gusto! Here is the recipe, when it is ready to drink, take a very good swig, it will cheer you up no end, and you will have yourself believing that you are a domestic goddess whilst you lean against your AGA rail for that warming comfort in the winter months to come…

For a 1 litre bottle

  • 400g (14oz) sloes (pricked) to occupy about half the bottle
  • 150g (5½oz) white sugar
  • 500ml (1pt) gin


Fill the bottle with the pricked sloes, the sugar and the gin. Tighten with a screw top and leave a small space for air in the neck of the bottle. Turn the bottle occasionally for the first few days, and then leave in a cool cupboard for a few weeks or months, turning from time to time. When ready, decant into pretty bottles for Christmas presents and personal drinking!

Recipes for sloe gin vary depending on the maker’s taste. The sweetness can be adjusted to taste at the end of the process, although sufficient sugar is required while the drupes steep to ensure full extraction of flavour. When made sufficiently slowly, the alcohol extracts an almond-like essence from the sloes’ stones, giving sloe gin a particular aromatic flavour. However, some recipes use a shorter steeping time and include a small amount of almond essence. Another common variation is the addition of a few cloves and a small stick of cinnamon.

Happy Christmas!


Equipment Used


AGA Love AGA Apron


AGA Stainless Steel Scales


Classic Funnel


Recycled Glass Bottles



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