One 2 One Aga Cookery Demonstrations

Many people can already cook, or at least are confident that they can, on an Aga. However sometimes people walk into the showroom trembling, all ready to be talked out of this ridiculous notion that they too can own an Aga. Of course you can have an Aga in your life. Cooking with an Aga is simplicity itself, it does most of the work for you and frankly it makes you look good! Don’t be afraid of them, it is a much more intuitive way of cooking.

We have several ‘live’ models in our showrooms here in Leominster and I offer a One 2 One (or two, or three) demonstration. You will need to arrive hungry! First up we have a cup of tea or coffee (kettle boiled on the Aga of course…takes moments!) and then a tour around your Aga and the basics covering how it cooks and why everything tastes so much nicer cooked on or in an Aga. Then I demonstrate that last fact with a full English breakfast and Aga toast!


Also covered are … Scotch pancakes done on the simmering plate, slow cooking in the simmering oven, cake baking, perfect rice and how to steam veg in an Aga, melting chocolate the easy way,  mashed potato, roasting vegetables and pastry. Not a soggy bottom in sight! There is, of course, the serious business of eating or attempting to, all the food cooked. Wear baggy clothing with adjustable waistbands is my tip.

To book a one to one just ring the sales team. 01568 611124. The cost is £50 for a one to one, if there are two of you then £75 and three is £100…but the great news is…if you have bought an Aga from us they are FREE!

3Alternatively we run a regular program of larger demonstrations…great fun as a group of friends, packed full of amazing recipes, handy Aga hints and you sample all that the demonstrator produces. Please ring the sales team or visit our website for details .


BenQChicken, ham and leek pie (you would cook this straight onto the floor of the roasting oven. delicious!

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