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I was asked if we could host a charity morning here at our showroom. A shopping event for lots of women and providing mince pies, tea and a big welcome. We can do that said I!

It was mooted that as we are rather busy perhaps I should go to the supermarket and purchase said mince pies. I looked suitably aghast and promised faithfully that a shop bought mince pie has never passed my lips. This is an out and out lie. I actually have never made the little blighters before… but what could be so hard about it? (Nothing it turns out, simplicity itself.)

So today, I embark upon a massive mince pie bake off, guarding my cooling creations from the sales office staff with the aid of a vicious looking palette knife. I made the nicest tasting pastry and I totally cheated with the filling.

mince pie2

When my mother, who also happens to be my boss, came out of her meeting I duly escorted her to my creations.

“Oh! Lovely” she said, “why have you made so many?”

Thinking that she had forgotten the arrangements, (it being ‘that’ time of life) I set about explaining to an increasingly frowning face about the Charity event.

“ah!” She said, “Hmmm, yes, er… we cancelled that.” At which point a telephone call came to her rescue.


So here is the recipe for your benefit…


Mince pies… simple, tasty and above all HOME MADE!

Makes 18

You will need a 12 hole muffin/cup-cake tray and bake in two batches


To make the pastry:

225g/8oz plain flour

140g/5oz cold salted butter, cut into cubes

½ tsp of ground cinnamon

28g/1oz caster sugar

1 free range egg



1 large jar mincemeat (cheating is absolutely fine!)

Free range egg or milk to glaze



Rub the butter into the flour, cinnamon and sugar between your finger-tips. Keeping it light and airy, until it resembles fine bread crumbs. Add the egg and combine into a dough ball.

Flour the surface and gently roll out the pastry, making sure it doesn’t stick to the surface, until it is about 3 mm thick.

Cut out circles using a cutter that are slightly larger than your cup-cake tin holes. Butter the tin and press the circles of pastry into place lightly.

For the lids I used a star shape but you can make them closed pies if you wish by using a smaller round cutter.

Fill each pastry case with a generous dollop of mincemeat and top off with the lid.

Brush the tops of the pies over with beaten egg or milk and put the tray straight onto the floor of the roasting oven. Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.

(Be careful not to eat them straight from the oven… I burnt the roof of my mouth which served me right!)

Place YOUR GORGEOUS SMELLING and tempting mince pies on a rack to cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving…brandy butter never goes amiss at this juncture!


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