Multi-coloured, multi-layered cake

Multi-Layer, Multi Colour Eyes Bigger Than your Belly Cake!


(Just a little caveat…I wrote this up for a magazine over a year ago and we have now hit 12 and High school….all is as I thought it would be! Gah!)

I have a daughter who is just about to wave goodbye to 10 and embrace eleven years old. There are going to be an awful lot of changes in the coming years… senior school, make up, arguments over skirt length and me searching for a house to live in on a remote Island. She seems less perturbed by the imminent changes than me… but then I know that that 12 follows 11 and 13 follows twelve. I was a hideous teenager. Ask my Mum. I of course didn’t think I was dreadful, I thought the adults around me were small minded, nit picking kill joys that had never lived, let alone attended a party… a party with boys! They had not a single clue about teenage angst or the need to stay at the village hall disco (with licenced bar… although one wonders who gave them a licence as the average age of the disco goers was 15) past 10 o’clock at night for goodness sake. 10 o’clock – it didn’t finish until midnight! Oh the shame of being dragged out of there by my bearded, elephant cords wearing father!

Anyway I digress. The point is I asked said darling daughter what cake she wanted for her birthday and she requested the tallest most colourful one I could make.  She’s just like me, my daughter. It’s all about excess.

I have tested the recipe out on you. And if you are wondering why your layers are not looking so bright and colourful…it’s because we cheated during the photo shoot and painted the sponge layers brighter with the food colouring! Please believe me…never feel intimidated by magazine pictures of food! I have discovered it’s all trickery! (But it tasted darn good) oh and the reason for the royal Icing is that I had some left over from a cheat I did a few weeks earlier! I think cream cheese/butter icing would be far nicer myself, in peaks. That’s what I’ll do for madam anyway. Xxx



You’ll need 3 x these ingredients for six sponges (I only used 5, not by design…the new puppy has not learned any boundaries yet.)

125g butter, softened, plus a little extra for greasing

225g self-raising flour

150g golden caster sugar

3 free range  eggs

½  tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

edible food colouring – the choices are yours



For the icing

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 x 250g tubs cream cheese or mascarpone

350g icing sugar

Optional extras and alternatives

75g melted dark chocolate. 1 tsp cocoa powder to add to a small amount of the above for a layer of chocolate icing

Pic-a-mix rainbow drops bought by the cupful  in the supermarket.

Cheats Royal Icing similarly from the supermarket…as shown in the photo but I have since made this with the above icing and we all preferred it.




  1. I f not using an Aga heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Grease 2 x 20cm round sandwich tins and line the bases with baking parchment. Tip all the sponge ingredients, apart from the food colouring, into a mixing bowl, then beat with an electric whisk until smooth.
  2. Weigh the mixture into another bowl to work out the total weight, then split exactly in half and put half mixture back into the mixing bowl. Pick 2 of your colours and stir a little into each mix. Keep going until you are happy with the colour – the colour of the batter now will be very similar to the finished cake, so be brave! Scrape the different batters into the tins, spread and smooth as much as possible.

2 oven Agas: grid shelf on the floor of the Roasting oven and cold plain shelf on the second set of runners. Make sure the cold plain shelf goes in cold for each batch.

3/4/5 oven Agas: place the grid shelf on the lowest set of runners in the baking oven

Bake for  about 12 mins or until springy to touch and a skewer poked into the middle comes out clean.

  1. Gently turn the cakes out onto a wire rack to cool. Wash the tins and bowls thoroughly, and start again from step 1 – this time using another 2 colours. Repeat one more time to get 6 sponges, all of different colours. Leave them all to cool. Keep away from untrained hounds.
  2. To make the icing, beat the vanilla and cream cheese or mascarpone with an electric whisk until smooth. Sift in the icing sugar and gently fold in with a spatula. Be careful – the more you work it, the runnier it will get, increasing the chance of splitting.
  3. Smear a little icing on your cake stand or plate – just a splodge to stick the first sponge. Decide upon your base sponge then spread with some icing right to the very edge. Repeat, sandwiching on top the other colour sponges. Spread the remaining icing thickly all over the sides and top of the cake… or roll out the royal icing and gently place it over the cake easing it down the sides and when you become exasperated with the folds neaten it all up with a wide purple ribbon…trust me stick to the butter/cream cheese icing!
  4. Decorate with chocolate buttons or rainbow drops or whatever takes your fancy.
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