Dipped Strawberry delights… Wimbledon indulgences

Dipped Strawberry Delights


Summer and a giddy round of entertaining is here! Oh how I love the longer days, white wine, strawberries, Wimbledon….SUNSHINE! Is a whoop! Whoop! too much?

How about these for a super easy desert or just as an accompaniment to Champagne on the terrace with the girlies?

450g Strawberries

100g dark chocolate

100g milk chocolate

100 white chocolate


Simply melt the chocolate by breaking up into squares and placing each type of chocolate into its own little bowl. Place these bowls into a neat little row at the back of the Aga and leave there until melted or you are ready to use them. (The chocolate can stay there all day if you like it won’t come to any harm….unless you have little girls with dippy fingers as I do!)

When you are ready rinse the strawberries and pat dry with kitchen roll. Lay some bake-o-glide (silicone paper) onto a flat chopping board or tray. Leaving the stalks and leaves on dip the tips of the strawberries into the chocolate and lay onto the bake-o-glide. Transfer these to the fridge to cool. When cooled and you are ready to serve just pop them into a serving dish of choice, with a sprig of mint and get ready to be the most popular host around. You can double dip the strawberries if you want to get a little fancy…dark chocolate base and white tip? Or use different fruits…experiment and have fun.

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