Why an Aga?

Why an Aga…?

For me the answer is simple… It fits in with my life and everything tastes so much better!

I like to cook, bake, create a homely family environment where all my many (mostly grown up) kids and grandchildren can drop in…

Ok this is what we all want isn’t it? I could sit here and wax lyrical about how I achieve it, attempting in the process to make you all feel ever so slightly inadequate… I wouldn’t be actually fibbing but embellishing somewhat. Because like many of us I am busy. I am busy trying not to be busy, I am busy earning a living (doing this sort of thing), I am busy with my family, friends, I help out in refugee camps and I am hopefully just about to embark on a college course in order to do a degree next year. I have dogs that need walking, cats that need feeding, children that need nagging, grandchildren that need visiting, wine that needs drinking, friends that need laughing with/ crying with/ cajoling. I have adventures that need to be adventured…but I also need to feed everyone, dry the washing and heat the house.

Absolutely central to my life is my Aga… people think I’m a great cook. Well in truth I just open the oven door and bung it in. Whilst the washing is drying above it on a pully device, the clothes are being ironed on the lid of the simmering plate, the cat is staking out his territory to the right side, the Labrador waiting for his chance to dive into the lurcher’s place…she is lying on her back with all four paws resting against the beautiful enamelled front.

absolutely my space

My red wine is standing alongside warming through very gently ready for 6pm and generally any one of my friends or family are leaning their bottoms against it chatting to me.

Frankly I would be lost and very probably alone without it!

That’s why an Aga.

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