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Sheila Maid Clothes Drying Airer in two sizes

Sheila Maid Clothes Drying Airer in two sizes

Here’s the thing, we are all trying to cut down on our energy spend wherever we can.  The tumble dryer is a useful piece of equipment, but costly to run.  How about installing a Sheila Maid pulley clothes dryer in your utility (or your kitchen).  The clothes dry overnight, using the ambient heat from your kitchen which rises to the ceiling.  This will cost you little – just the price of purchase and persuading someone to install it for you! Of course, it is easy enough to install it yourself…

The iconic energy saving Sheila Maid® clothes airer uses the Original Curved Shape cast iron rack ends.  These ends have been a part of the British household for over 100 years.

Moreover, the Sheila Maid comes complete with everything you need to install it.  Included are wooden rails, 2 cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, double pulley, cleat hook and a 10m Pulley Rope.  

Furthermore, the beauty of this product is that it is  UK manufactured.  And what could be more sensible than to use your ceiling space to dry your clothes using ambient heat from your kitchen?

In addition, the wooden laths are spaced far enough apart to enable you enough space to dry thicker items.  These would include towels, blankets and sheets.

Another benefit, we have chosen two sizes to simplyfy your decision making.  The four lath version provides enough drying space for a full wash.  You simply have to chose the length.

We think this is a sensible and easy way to dry your clothes.  During the winter, wet clothes need to be nicely out of the way.

AGA or Rayburn?

Do you own an AGA or Rayburn?  This is certainly the choice for you.  Drying is also achieved if you are centrally heated – you will still be able to dry your clothes the eco friendly way.

The Sheila Maid is simple to install and comes complete with everything you may need.

Should you require extra rope click here or an extra pulley wheel click here or  phone our Betty line. Our our expert sales staff will take your details and order your extras for you

Please phone 01568 611124 should you have any queries.

Finally, install your Sheila Maid in the kitchen, the laundry room or the boot room and you will not regret it!

Details of the Sheila Maid Clothes Airer in two sizes

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