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EASTER – it comes around!

We love Easter, with its promise of spring, warmer weather, days in the garden and Easter gatherings.

Easter is about family and friends and mostly it means eating!

We held a demonstratrion in our lovely showroom and Penny Zako came to cook for us.  The audience guests made copious notes and vowed to use their AGA cookers according to gospel of Penny Zako.   In other words, take your AGA shelving out and use the AGA cookware trays that will fit on the runners.  Thus, all of the oven space is used to the best advantage.  Penny showed us all what to put and where!

I am going to give you a series of recipes which might just help you to cook for your people over Easter.  And believe me, they are all simple and straight forward, and can be adapted to any cooker.  Remember, most dishes are cooked on a 180 degree heat. This particular recipe demands a shelf to place your AGA Quiche tin

The first recipe is for smoked salmon and spring onion tart

using an AGA Quiche tin

1 sheet short crust pastry

225g smoked salmon trimmings

1 bunch spring onions – peeled and sliced

4 beaten eggs

175g double cream

1 tbsp.chopped chives

175g Philadelphia cheese

Line the quiche pan with the short crust pastry, spead the smoked slamon and spring onions over the base.  Sprinkle over the chives

Whisk the eggs, Philadelphia and cream with a good grind of black pepper and then pour into the tart case

Bake on the floor of the roasting oven until the pastry is crisp and the filling is risen and golden.

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