steamed ginger and treacle pudding

Steamed ginger and treacle pudding

Steamed ginger and treacle pudding


175g/6oz self-raising flour

115g/4oz butter (softened)

115g/4oz caster sugar

2 large free range eggs

½ tsp baking powder

2 bulbs of stem ginger from a jar

1 tbsp of syrup from the same jar

1 tsp ground ginger

Pinch of ground cinnamon

4 tbsp of Golden Syrup


Oven : simmering oven 2-2 ½ hours or leave steaming on your hob for conventional cookers (keep checking the pan has enough water in it) alternatively in an oven at about 130 C for 2- 2 ½ hours.


  1. Stand the butter on the back of the Aga to soften
  2. Line a pudding basin (1ltr/2 pint) with cling film
  3. Spoon in the Golden Syrup
  4. Mix together the butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, ginger, syrup from the ginger jar and the pinch of cinnamon
  5. Finely chop the 2 bulbs of syrupy ginger and fold them into the mixture
  6. Pour the mixture into the basin and cover with more cling film. (you can do the greasing of the bowl and covering bowl with pleated paper and tying string around it…but I find that exhausting…cling film does brilliantly!)
  7. Put 1 ½ – 2 inches (5cm) of water into the bottom of a large casserole (or use an Aga Cake Baker) place your bowl with mixture into the casserole and cover with a well-fitting lid.
  8. Place the casserole pan onto the boiling plate and bring to a rapid boil. Let it boil for a minute or two and then place the whole thing into your simmering oven for at least two hours…have a cup of tea/ clean the house/ go out for lunch…?
  9. Turn out your little piece of heaven onto a plate, serve warm with some vanilla custard or ice cream… Diet another day!
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