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AGA recipes from the AGA experts at AGA Twyford and our very own Domestic Goddess, Betty Twyford.

Luscious Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Ingredients 100g (4oz) butter 225g (8oz) castor sugar 3 lemons 3 eggs   Method   Place a really clean jam jar in the simmering oven of the AGA. Once it is hot remove from the oven and melt the butter in the jar and return to the simmering oven. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them. … Continue reading

We are here! May has arrived… …and with it the realisation that our months of planning, shifting, pleading, (bribing builders with bacon sandwiches) sawing and banging will finally stop. The showroom is almost ready! We will soon be able to boast a Rayburn Heat Centre, with fully operational Rayburn in a beautiful kitchen setting so you can see and taste all … Continue reading

Simnel Cake … for Easter!

Simnel Cake   I’m a keen baker of Simnel Cake. Truthfully the kids are not that bothered with fruit cake but for me this signals the start of Spring. I know other people look at the bulbs pushing through, lambs pushing out etc, etc . I do too but my internal calendar is punctuated with recipes. Simnel cake is a … Continue reading

A Flan will always save the day!

A Flan will always save the day!   When you are the proud and happy owner of an Aga or Rayburn there are a number of time saving tricks you can employ to be the ever ready hostess/ feeder of Rugby teams/ annoying domestic goddess. One of my favourites is to make up a large batch of pastry and line … Continue reading

Before March warms up…. get this made!

So… we have battled our way through wind, rain and grey skies for what seems like forever, and we find ourselves unceremoniously tipped into the middle of March. This looks like Spring. Is it feeling like Spring to you?  I’m willing to believe that it is entirely possible that the weather has improved and will stay improved and that we are all going to enjoy … Continue reading

Simple No Fuss Crumble

Simple No Fuss Crumble Have you ever been involved in food photography? It’s an eye opener I can tell you. When I first started writing a column for Welsh Border Life and Live24Seven I would bake something yummy, take a snap of it with my camera phone and send it off. I was pretty sure as I knew how fab it … Continue reading

Beetroot and Ginger Delights

Beetroot and Ginger Delights   These are subtle but moreish. I tried them on my youngest and honestly didn’t think she’d go for them (picky eater…irritatingly) but she did! We don’t mention the ‘beetroot’ word at home she calls them the ‘pinky muffins’.   300g/10oz self-raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 150g/5oz caster sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 bulb … Continue reading

Showing off…

I was asked if we could host a charity morning here at our showroom. A shopping event for lots of women and providing mince pies, tea and a big welcome. We can do that said I! It was mooted that as we are rather busy perhaps I should go to the supermarket and purchase said mince pies. I looked suitably … Continue reading

Simple Christmas Chocolate Roulade.

This article appeared in Welsh Border Life this December…I thought I’d share it here too. Christmas time…mistletoe and wine… This Christmas I am that person I usually love to hate. That organised, already wrapped my presents in November, cooked ahead and frozen, smug, sanctimonious person we all know. That’s me now! And it feels GOOD! I’m twiddling my thumbs somewhat … Continue reading

Game Pie for Christmas Entertaining

This is a sensational and impressive dish to lay at the centre of your Christmas table and is wonderful to eat on Boxing Day after a bracing walk!  Lay the table with Betty Twyfords Audrey table cloth and napkins if you wish to look really Christmasy…   Betty’s Recipe for Game Pie for the AGA (Inspired by Dawn Roads) To … Continue reading