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AGA recipes from the AGA experts at AGA Twyford and our very own Domestic Goddess, Betty Twyford.

Eggs Benedict Twyford Style

In aid of breakfast week, we’ve decided to share our all-time favourite breakfast. It takes a little preparation so might be best saved for a relaxing weekend morning. You will need: Muffins 4, cut in half Streaky bacon 2 slices each – grilled to a crisp Poached egg 1 or 2 each Butter for spreading 1 packet of spinach (200g) … Continue reading

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

We’ve had some requests via social media about adding more gluten-free recipes, so we started with chocolate cupcakes – a basic essential! If there are any recipes you’d like us to feature do get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll try to oblige. For the cupcakes: 100g butter or margarine softened 100g muscovado sugar 100g self-raising … Continue reading

Bacon and Potato Hotpot

With the New Year inevitably comes the enforced January guilt. We weigh too much, we drink too much, we spend too much. I do weigh too much…but frankly I love food and it’s my go to comfort. I do drink too much…but again…I like it. So that leaves money. Well I don’t spend too much because it’s in very short … Continue reading

Chocolate Stout Cake with Hot Chocolate Sauce

Did you survive? Have you managed to recycle the mountain of wrapping paper, fought your way through twiddly bits of plastic coated wire that foil an impatient child’s attempt to grab the toy and immediately play with it? Have you consumed twice your own body weight in food and drunk enough to re-float the Titanic…me too! And did you think … Continue reading

Rum Butter

Rum butter is a real Christmas treat and very easy to prepare in advance. Substitute the rum for brandy if you prefer. 4 oz (110g) unsalted butter 4 oz (110g) light muscovado sugar Grated rind of an orange 4 tbsp dark rum Prepare ahead: up to 4 days Freeze: Yes Put the butter into a bowl and put beside the Aga … Continue reading

Creamy Root Vegetable Mash

This is a luxurious recipe which makes enough to serve four. We’ve used sweet potatoes, swede and celeriac. It’s a delicious combination but you could substitute any for your favourite root veggies.  Made with a packet of Boursin, it tastes wonderful, and is so easy to prepare. You will need:- 1 lb (450g) sweet potatoes 1 root celeriac ½ swede 7 oz (200g) … Continue reading

Spicy Christmas Traybake

It’s here! December…Thrill or dread? I love Christmas, I don’t love all the work but I do love log fires, mulled wine, roasts to keep out the cold, my AGA, family descending, mince pies, twinkling lights, decorating my tree (preferably when the children are in bed so they can’t interfere). That makes me sound like an over controlling monster and … Continue reading

Braised Red Cabbage with Blueberries

Serves 8 Ingredients 6 juniper berries 4 whole cloves ½ cinnamon stick 4 cm piece of ginger, grated 25g/1oz butter 450g/1lb red cabbage, thinly sliced 1 large onion, sliced 1 large cooking apple, sliced 1 garlic clove, crushed 2tbsp balsamic vinegar 1tbsp soft brown sugar 150g punnet blueberries salt and pepper Method Tie up the spices in a piece of … Continue reading

Chocolate Christmas Pudding

Ingredients 6 oz (175g) mixed dried sour cherries, blueberries and raisins Grated rind of an orange 3 tbsp brandy ¼ pint (150ml) double cream 12 oz (375g) plain chocolate 7oz (200g) pack cream cheese 4 oz (110g) ratafia biscuits To serve: ¼ pint (150ml) double cream 2 tbsp grated chocolate Method Grease (or line with cling film) a 1½ pint … Continue reading

Sloe Gin – a great homemade Christmas gift

Suddenly Christmas has taken hold! Twyford Cookers showroom is buzzing with customers looking to purchase a cooker for the holidays and certainly one which will take a 28lb Turkey! You can always rely on an AGA Cooker to accommodate such a massive beast, and you can be assured that your roast potatoes will be exceptional! With jingle bells beginning to … Continue reading