Perfect Picnic Pasties

Perfect Picnic Pasty’s (Who doesn’t like a bit of alliteration?) They are also perfect to serve teenage boys after GCSE’s /10 year old girls practising for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and stealthily stealing Labradors. A pasty satisfies my comfort food cravings, forays into my childhood memories (we always took them to the beach…that and a thermos of hot chocolate, plaid rug … Continue reading

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Christmas Words

The magic surrounding Christmas is ever present at this time of year. It may be our memory of childhood past that can bring a mixture of nostalgia and longing for those innocent , Christmassy days from long ago. Creating a delicious Christmas feast for family is a joy, even when we are tired and a little frustrated at the ‘cost’ … Continue reading

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Cheats Beef Wellington

Here is an idea – why not cheat this Christmas? BEEF WELLINGTON MINUS THE HIGH COST Buy a joint of rolled Sirloin of Beef, weighing about 1.36 kilos (3lbs) tied with string. Buy a punnet of ordinary mushrooms and be daring, use a clove of garlic as well. Buy a packet of puff pastry from your favourite supermarket. Take some … Continue reading

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