Chocolate and Pear tartlets

I originally submitted this recipe to Live 24seven magazine for a Christmas edition, being ever so slightly sick of traditional Christmas type recipes. They are in fact suitable for any occasion (ok probably not a nut free/sugar free Vegan/ gluten intolerant convention…but anything else!)   You can make this as one large tart as shown here….either way delicious!   Chocolate … Continue reading

Gingerbread Stars….good for decorating your tree at Christmas!

Gingerbread stars   Ingredients 350g/12oz plain flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground cinnamon 125g/4½oz butter 175g/6oz soft brown sugar 1 free-range egg 4 tbsp golden syrup To decorate 150g/5oz white chocolate, melted Any cake sparkles you might like Method Break the chocolate up into a bowl and place on the back of the … Continue reading

Favourite mango sausages

Favourite mango sausages   These are so easy. All you need are your favourite sausages. For us we get our butcher to make his famous Weobley whoppers up into smaller less whopperish versions. Cocktail sausages are perfect for this. 1 jar of mango chutney 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds   Line a roasting tin with bake o glide or baking … Continue reading

Showing off…

I was asked if we could host a charity morning here at our showroom. A shopping event for lots of women and providing mince pies, tea and a big welcome. We can do that said I! It was mooted that as we are rather busy perhaps I should go to the supermarket and purchase said mince pies. I looked suitably … Continue reading

Simple Christmas Chocolate Roulade.

This article appeared in Welsh Border Life this December…I thought I’d share it here too. Christmas time…mistletoe and wine… This Christmas I am that person I usually love to hate. That organised, already wrapped my presents in November, cooked ahead and frozen, smug, sanctimonious person we all know. That’s me now! And it feels GOOD! I’m twiddling my thumbs somewhat … Continue reading

Christmas Words

The magic surrounding Christmas is ever present at this time of year. It may be our memory of childhood past that can bring a mixture of nostalgia and longing for those innocent , Christmassy days from long ago. Creating a delicious Christmas feast for family is a joy, even when we are tired and a little frustrated at the ‘cost’ … Continue reading

A Simple but delicious Sherry Trifle for Christmas

BETTY’S RECIPE FOR SHERRY TRIFLE A large Jam Swiss Roll A packet of Raspberry Jelly A punnet of frozen or fresh Raspberries 2 tablespoons of Raspberry jam, warmed for spreading  A  glug of Sherry A carton of creamy custard A sprinkling of almond slices toasted in the AGA 1pt of double cream whipped   Method Melt the jelly in ½ … Continue reading

Cheats Beef Wellington

Here is an idea – why not cheat this Christmas? BEEF WELLINGTON MINUS THE HIGH COST Buy a joint of rolled Sirloin of Beef, weighing about 1.36 kilos (3lbs) tied with string. Buy a punnet of ordinary mushrooms and be daring, use a clove of garlic as well. Buy a packet of puff pastry from your favourite supermarket. Take some … Continue reading

Rum Butter

Rum butter is a real Christmas treat and very easy to prepare in advance. Substitute the rum for brandy if you prefer. 4 oz (110g) unsalted butter 4 oz (110g) light muscovado sugar Grated rind of an orange 4 tbsp dark rum Prepare ahead: up to 4 days Freeze: Yes Put the butter into a bowl and put beside the Aga … Continue reading

Spicy Christmas Traybake

It’s here! December…Thrill or dread? I love Christmas, I don’t love all the work but I do love log fires, mulled wine, roasts to keep out the cold, my AGA, family descending, mince pies, twinkling lights, decorating my tree (preferably when the children are in bed so they can’t interfere). That makes me sound like an over controlling monster and … Continue reading