Chocolate and Pear tartlets

I originally submitted this recipe to Live 24seven magazine for a Christmas edition, being ever so slightly sick of traditional Christmas type recipes. They are in fact suitable for any occasion (ok probably not a nut free/sugar free Vegan/ gluten intolerant convention…but anything else!)   You can make this as one large tart as shown here….either way delicious!   Chocolate … Continue reading

Boozy Bread and Butter Pudding

This is a recipe I wrote for Welsh Border Life, an Easter edition. Boozy Bread and Butter Pudding   This is a great recipe to serve up for a dinner party pud or leave out the brandy for the topping off of a family Sunday roast… that bit prior to the unheeded call for help with the washing up. The … Continue reading

Exceeding good Bakewell Tart

My Daughter asked me what was the best treat I could think of when I was little. I could think of many: Strawberry bon bons bought by the ¼ from Berry’s shop on East Street, South Molton , North  Devon where I grew up. A pomegranate half and a pin to eat it with. The gold top off the milk. … Continue reading

Zesty Fruity Flapjacks

Zesty Fruity Flapjacks   1 orange 1 lemon 100g raisins 100g sunflower seeds 50g almonds chopped 100g dried mango 3 bulbs of ginger from a jar 1 tbsp syrup from the jar of ginger 200g butter 100g soft brown sugar 100g golden syrup 250g jumbo oats 100g plain flour   Feel free to add or substitute different fruits and nuts…pine … Continue reading

Before March warms up…. get this made!

So… we have battled our way through wind, rain and grey skies for what seems like forever, and we find ourselves unceremoniously tipped into the middle of March. This looks like Spring. Is it feeling like Spring to you?  I’m willing to believe that it is entirely possible that the weather has improved and will stay improved and that we are all going to enjoy … Continue reading

Simple No Fuss Crumble

Simple No Fuss Crumble Have you ever been involved in food photography? It’s an eye opener I can tell you. When I first started writing a column for Welsh Border Life and Live24Seven I would bake something yummy, take a snap of it with my camera phone and send it off. I was pretty sure as I knew how fab it … Continue reading

Simple Christmas Chocolate Roulade.

This article appeared in Welsh Border Life this December…I thought I’d share it here too. Christmas time…mistletoe and wine… This Christmas I am that person I usually love to hate. That organised, already wrapped my presents in November, cooked ahead and frozen, smug, sanctimonious person we all know. That’s me now! And it feels GOOD! I’m twiddling my thumbs somewhat … Continue reading

Chocolate Stout Cake with Hot Chocolate Sauce

Did you survive? Have you managed to recycle the mountain of wrapping paper, fought your way through twiddly bits of plastic coated wire that foil an impatient child’s attempt to grab the toy and immediately play with it? Have you consumed twice your own body weight in food and drunk enough to re-float the Titanic…me too! And did you think … Continue reading

Rum Butter

Rum butter is a real Christmas treat and very easy to prepare in advance. Substitute the rum for brandy if you prefer. 4 oz (110g) unsalted butter 4 oz (110g) light muscovado sugar Grated rind of an orange 4 tbsp dark rum Prepare ahead: up to 4 days Freeze: Yes Put the butter into a bowl and put beside the Aga … Continue reading

Lemon Meringue Pie

  For the sweet crust pastry Ingredients 175g plain flour 100g butter chopped into small pieces 1tbsp. icing sugar 1 egg yolk Method Rub the butter into the flour to resemble fine breadcrumbs. Add the icing sugar and mix in the egg yolk (add a little milk if necessary to enable the dough to bind). Roll into a ball and … Continue reading