Caring for your AGA

The cast iron construction of an AGA means that it will run for years to come but it needs a little bit of input to keep it looking great and in good working order.


AGA cookers require a regular service at set intervals to maintain efficient running and overall good health of the cooker. Servicing is recommended at different intervals depending on the fuel, as follows:

  • Every 6 months* for Oil Fired AGAs
  • Every 12 months for Gas Fired AGAs
  • Every 5 years for 13amp Electric AGAs, Dual Control, Total Control & City60 (Interim service after 2 ½ years).
  • Every 12 months for Night Storage (30amp) Electric AGAs (NOTE: this product is now discontinued)

* Servicing for oil fired AGAs may vary depending on oil quality.

Servicing should be carried out by a competent and suitable trained & qualified engineer.

AGA Service Plan

AGA offer a complete service plan covering your AGA, not only for routine servicing of your cooker but also for mechanical breakdown and any parts & labour to rectify a problem.

For more information or to register, call the AGA service team on 0800 093 0302.

Cleaning your AGA

We supply a full range of range Cooker Cleaning Products through our cookware website, Betty Twyford.

Chrome Domes

The first thing to remember is to buy a couple of Chefs Pads to protect your chrome domes – this will save you having to replace them for years to come. 

Lid Liners

When boiling your AGA KETTLE turn the spout towards the lid liners, this will help to keep the liners clean. To clean the liners, leave the lids up to lose heat, then use Enamel Cleaner to remove stubborn dirt, wipe clean with a soft cloth and then use an Aga Splash Shield for added protection.

Enamel Top Plate

To avoid tears; do not drag your cooking utensils from hot plate to simmering plate.  Always keep a damp soft cloth available to wipe up any spills and be aware that acidic substances can take off the shine and polish from your AGA – beware lemon juice, jam etc. Grease can build up around the boiling plate. Use the Betty Twyford Scraper held flat to the surface (do not scratch into or gouge the enamel) very carefully lift off the grease in layers until the enamel shows through again. When this has been achieved, use a soft damp cloth with some Enamel Paste to clear the surface, and then follow on with Betty Twyfords Hot Enamel Spray Spray this onto the enamel, wipe clean and then buff with Betty Twyfords e-cloth to a shine.

Cleaning the Ovens

Cast Iron AGA ovens are self-cleaning. You may find you have forgotten to remove those tasty jacket potatoes or those delicious fruit scones and they surprise you as carbonised offerings at a later date. Simply vacuum the offending residue from your ovens when the cooker is cool.

Use Betty Twyfords Wire Brush without water, to scrub the oven sides and base, then vacuum out again.

While your AGA is being serviced (or when your AGA is cold), remove the doors.  Do not soak in water, but use the Enamel Paste to remove baked on grime. 

Cleaning the Hot Plates

We offer a Hot Plate Cleaning Brush  specifically for the purpose of cleaning both the boiling & simmering plates. It is advisable to only do this when the cooker is cool.

Cleaning the Front Plate

Using the Enamel Cleaning Paste remove baked on dirt using a soft damp cloth to wipe clean and then follow with the Hot Enamel Spray  wiping with damp cloth as you go.  Finish with the Betty Twyford e-cloth  for that perfect shine!

Cleaning Kits

View our full range of cleaning products here :