There are many Beautiful Shades to Choose From...

Perhaps the most exciting part of buying an AGA is the colour choice and there are plenty to choose from!

Cream is a classic colour which was originally the only colour option for an AGA. Black goes with everything and gives a sleek finish to the kitchen. Dark Blue offers a traditional feel whereas Pewter and Pearl Ashes offer a more modern style to the traditional AGA. White offers pared-down style at its best. Aubergine is a real statement in the kitchen and the pastel shades of  Duck Egg Blue, Heather and Pistachio give a great look to your AGA in both traditional or contemporary settings.

white black Pearl Ashes Pewter
White Black Pearl Ashes Pewter
Duck Egg Blue Cream Dark Blue Pistachio
Duck Egg Blue Cream Dark Blue Pistachio
Heather Aubergine   * Please Note: Claret is no longer available as of 23 July 2019 
Heather Aubergine    

New Colours for 2018

Available on AGA Dual Control, AGA Total Control and AGA 60 models.

Blush Dove Linen Slate
Dartmouth Blue AGA    
Dartmouth Blue Salcombe Blue    

Please Note: Though every effort is made to ensure these colours are accurate, they are only as accurate as screen resolutions & processes will allow. Under certain lighting and temperature conditions, slight colour variations between AGA modules & AGA cookers may become apparent during use (i.e. when the AGA is hot and the module is cold). The unique enamelling process means that colours may vary from batch to batch and may also darken when in use. Enamel samples of each colour can be supplied on request.

Choose your Badge...

You can also choose between the contemporary lozenge badge or traditional script badge - another way to give the ideal finish to your AGA depending on the style of your kitchen...

AGA Badges