Cooking Demonstrations

Twyford Cookers are proud of their extremely large and welcoming showroom where we hold cooking demonstrations on a regular basis.  Keep an eye on this page for our list of AGA and Range Cooker demonstrations.





Below you will find a list of various regular demonstrations that we hold in our lovely showrooms here at Twyford Cookers. Not only do we offer AGA demonstrations on Total Control, Dual Control and the City60 but we also feature a variety of different events showcasing the talents of some of the region’s best cooks. We have several ‘live’ Range cookers here in the showroom from Rangemaster to Mercury and La Cornue. Having such a lovely space here really lends itself to some very interesting, fun and relaxed demonstrations. There really is something for everyone.


'How to use your AGA' Demonstrations


It can be a hugely daunting decision for some and for others there is no other choice. It used to be much easier too… the only choice between models was 2 or 4 oven and the fuel type. Now there is an AGA for every situation and all delivering the very best cooking experience. You will be amazed at the way your food tastes and is cooked… especially you carnivores.

But what if you’ve never cooked on an AGA before? What if you have moved and inherited an AGA cooker? Isn’t it hugely complicated? No… it’s simplicity itself and to prove that to you we run small cooking demos for new AGA owners, and those people who are seriously considering becoming one, in our showrooms here in Leominster. After the demonstration, a member of our sales team will be available to come and talk to you about the various different models and help you come to an informed decision about which AGA will best fit into your life. (Please note these demonstrations are NOT for experienced AGA cooks…you already know what I will be teaching!)

Demonstrations start at 11am and last 2-3 hours. Below is a list of upcoming dates.

There is a charge of £10 per head payable at time of booking to cover food expenses.

  • Saturday  14th  Mar   2020   11am....................NOW FULL


  • Saturday     9th May  2020  11am.........£10 PER HEAD
  • Saturday   13th Jun   2020   11am........£10 PER HEAD

The demonstrations cover:

  • Functions of your AGA
  • Toast
  • Perfect rice
  • Blinis/scotch pancakes
  • Full English Breakfast… how to fry a fat free egg and grill in your AGA
  • Melting chocolate without any dramas
  • Baking in your AGA… simple tray bake  and a pastry based flan
  • Slow cooking…we talk about the principles and make a soup
  • Root Veg (Steamed)
  • Roast Salmon and a stir fry
  • How to clean your AGA


To enquire or book please contact Rose Norman via email on 

or call us on 01568 611124.