Flexible AGA Cookers

Traditionally, the AGA cooker was designed to run all of the time but that is no longer the case. For those who prefer to have flexibility with their AGA and control of their AGA’s fuel consumption, AGA have developed a range of cast iron cookers with sophisticated controls and fast heat-up times.

This new range of AGA cookers still offer cast iron ovens & hotplates so there is no compromise in the superb cooking results which an AGA cooker is famous for. Furthermore, the appearance of these cookers is identical to the traditional heat-storage AGA cookers with an enamelled cast iron exterior of this design icon. But behind the AGA front which we know and love is state-of-the-art technology developed by AGA for the new generation of AGA cookers.

Although the new range of flexible AGA cookers are designed to be turned on & off at your convenience, you can still run the AGA to supply radiant heat to your kitchen & home and enjoy the ambient AGA warmth in the winter months whilst only using it when you need to in the summer months, offering you the best of both worlds.

There are three models available within this range as follows;

AGA Dual Control AGA Total Control AGA City 60

AGA Dual Control (3 or 5 Oven) 

From: List Price: £11,020

AGA Total Control (3 or 5 Oven)

From: List Price: £12,060

AGA City60

From: List Price: £5,925


Learn about AGA Cooking...

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