Heat Storage AGA Cookers

The traditional AGA cooker is a cast iron cooker which utilises stored heat, steadily radiated to the ovens & hotplates. Each oven has its ideal temperature for roasting; baking, simmering or warming (model specific) and all models have a cast iron simmering & boiling plate on the hob.

An AGA cooks food using cast iron ovens, radiating heat from all surfaces of the ovens, ensuring a gentler and more flavoursome way of cooking compared to the fierce, direct heat from an electric conventional or fan oven.

Heat storage AGAs are designed to supply some warmth to the kitchen, truly becoming the heart of the home. Although new AGA technology offers programmable AGA cookers, many AGAs are designed to run all of the time and so the AGA becomes a master of many culinary tasks for those using it to its full potential.

There are three heat-storage models available as oil, gas & electric powered, click on an icon for more information;

2 Oven AGA 3 oven AGA 4 oven aga

2 Oven AGA Cooker
List Price from: £8,785

3 Oven AGA Cooker
List Price from: £11,020

4 Oven AGA Cooker
List Price from: £12,785


Learn about AGA Cooking...

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