New Look AGA - £595 EXTRA (Discontinued)

New Look design AGA

The AGA cooker has been a design classic since its introduction to the domestic market in the 1940's. Since it's introduction, the design has changed very little. Now, though, those looking for a bit of contemporary style to their AGA need look no further than the 'New Look' AGA.

The iconic cast iron heart of the AGA remains the same but additional styling features give this design classic real modernity. This styling is available on all 3-oven AGA Total Control & AGA Dual Control cookers and in all available colours (excluding Claret).


aga hand rail aga black lid aga badge

New Handrail

Stunningly sleek and tactile, the stainless steel New Look AGA handrail features redesigned brackets made from chrome-plated aluminium

New Lid Handles

There is now a choice between the original chrome-plated handles or a statement-making new design made from black nylon-coated steel

New Badge

The New Look AGA badge is chrome plated and is recognisably AGA. It looks fantastic and it's high-shine finish makes this new model really zing

new aga door hinge New door latch new look aga

New Door Hinges

While the doors remin the same as those on all AGA cookers, the New Look AGA features chrome detailing on the hinges

New Door Plate

A stainless steel plate has been added to the front of the New Look AGA, which works brilliantly with the revised, stainless steel door catches.

New Base Plinth

The chrome-plated pinth fascia mades a real style statement. Traditionally it was black, but this new metail finish offers a completely different take.