Secondhand Aga's

Second Hand Aga Cookers

Twyford Cookers have a limited number of High Quality Part Exchange Aga's available with

5 year warranty.

We are famous for our renovated AGA cookers. Before we became an AGA Distributor for Herefordshire and surrounding counties, we were the one and only authorised AGA renovator, serving customers nationwide and beyond.

Now we are AGA distributors, and whilst the main thrust of our operation is to sell new Aga cookers, we do take in some late model pre-used AGA cookers in part exchange and some are just  too good to be consigned to the loved and lost bin.

We gently coax them back to life, and supply them with a new burner and a thorough spruce up. They are then fit to offer another 20-30 years’ service.

This is worth consideration, especially if you are engaged in a building extension or renovation and experiencing great pressure on your purse strings.

All our AGA's come complete with a 5 year warranty.


In conjunction with Close Bros we can offer the added appeal of interest free credit on all of our

second hand Aga's to help you spread the cost.

Its quick and easy: We simply send you an email with a link to Close Bros' application form, which is mercifully short.

You fill this out in the privacy of your own home, it typically takes less than 5 mins. Call us on 01568 611 124 for details.